Our Network

In addition to our know how and skills, we cooperate with a wide network with several experts,
partner companies and other institutions. Therefore, we are able to set up cross-functional and
multi-disciplinary workgroups as well for larger projects.

Our Coreteam

Franziska König – Elsener

 Managing Partner
 Commercial education
 Flight Attendant /Air-Purser
 Bachelor in Hospitality & Food service and Business Administration (SIU)
 Workshops in Marketing and Feng Shui
 Hotel- and Restaurant experience
 Project manager for social-political institutions
 Management-/coaching of food service operations
 Various speeches/contributions in Feng Shui, Work Life Balance in the
gastronomic environment.

  Hans Peter König

 Managing Partner
 Master of Arts in Business Administration & Economics (lic.oec.), St. Gall
 Graduate Ecole Hôtelière (EHL), Lausanne
 Several (staff&line) management positions held in the airline, hotel,
• food service & inflight industry
 MD in an inflight catering facility and Route Manager/Director for an airline in Spain/Portugal
 Turn-Around Management of various resort hotels
 valuator & expert for hotel and restaurant operations
 Project manager for various hotel, catering & food service projects
 Management consultant/CEO for the development of a new food service company
• (concession business) at airports & train stations in Europe and overseas
 Corporate Governance
 acting Board Member/Coach
 Board assignments in a touristic/time-share and a food supply company in Switzerland